Golf in a Digital Environment

Hello regular readers of Matt’s Golf Blog, this post is not written by Matt or even by a golfer (shock, horror). My name is Emma and I usually write for a video game review blog called Gaming Memoirs. Instead of writing about actual real-world golf stuff I've written a post about golf in video games, because it does happen! Just maybe not the same way it might happen in real life.

So sit back, relax and be baffled by how it works on a computer screen.

Golf Based Video Games
I will admit that I have played golf, although I tend to call the golf club a ‘stick’ and I hold it like a field hockey stick. I blame my school. In most video games with golf as a common feature here are some traits they share:

  • You get an arrow to aim with starting at the ball.
  • There is usually some kind of ‘power meter’ that slides and you determine how hard you hit the ball.
  • Some of the more advanced games involve wind conditions and ground conditions.

  • Most golfing games are made for fans of the game that don’t actually want to go outside and do all the walking and carrying clubs around bit. Or maybe for people who really like Tiger Woods. Somehow Tiger Woods is really creepy looking in 3D. Sorry Tiger.

    More commonly than a game company making games about golf, they tend to put golf clubs into combat based games as weapons. Usually the golf club is a strong, but not very durable melee weapon. Usually they appear in survival horror games and are used for beating zombies and monsters to death with and then throwing away because they are bent beyond belief. There is an awesome list of games that involve golf clubs (either as weapons or as um, golf clubs) here.

    So there you have it, golf clubs can be used for self-defence as well as for hitting little white balls across green fields.

    Just to finish off, here is a song by a band called ‘Five Iron Frenzy’ just because.

    Games I used screenshots from:
    Mario Golf,
    Ace Golf 3D,
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘07
    and ObsCure II

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