Ryder Cup Week Hotting Up

So it's finally here the Ryder cup is upon us and is already setting up to be a great event. We've already had the obligatory slating from each team with debutant Brandt Snedeker saying he will attempt to "beat their brains in" and Ian Poulter coming back saying he wants to "kill the US"!

All in all it's lining up to be a pretty tasty weekend. I'm not too sure that Brandt should have made these comments just at this time with it being his first appearance but again this all just goes to make it a much more fascinating contest. 

Top 100 Courses Outside US

Golf Digest has recently released it's list of the top 100 golf courses outside the US and it makes for quite interesting reading.

Johnson wins by a single stroke after a huge mistake

There have been a couple of great tournaments recently from the World match play a couple of weeks ago from Spain (I've been there done that course!!), through to the great English match up of Luke Donald and Justin Rose at Wentworth at the weekend. Over in America The Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial went in to the last day with Jason Dufner leading the pack. The American had been playing excellent Golf for most of the tournament but he was still being chased by fellow countryman Zach Johnson. Johnson's win could nearly have been overshadowed by a rules infringement on the 72nd hole but read on to find out how he managed to escape.

World Golf Stats

It's always interesting to hear golfing stats and figures, at least it is for me! I like to keep track of some of my stats on each round I play but the pros get to have a whole team of people following them on course so they can figure out driving averages, putting stats and more.

Golf in a Digital Environment

Hello regular readers of Matt’s Golf Blog, this post is not written by Matt or even by a golfer (shock, horror). My name is Emma and I usually write for a video game review blog called Gaming Memoirs. Instead of writing about actual real-world golf stuff I've written a post about golf in video games, because it does happen! Just maybe not the same way it might happen in real life.

So sit back, relax and be baffled by how it works on a computer screen.

Run in to the Masters

So here we are... standing on the verge of a new golfing season staring the first major down the barrel ready to go!
I can't wait there is just so much hype this year about the masters and with the British contingent looking hot favourites for the title it's all setting up really nicely.

What are the worst golf shirts ever?

So the pro’s season is well under way with the a few events on both sides of the Atlantic now having come to a dramatic conclusion which means that the golf season is almost here in the UK to. The nights are getting lighter and the range is getting busier as people prepare themselves for the start of a great golfing year.
With the start of the new season comes the need to check out the latest range of new men’s golf shirt, trousers and shoes. There looks to be quite a few new ranges out there that look pretty good this year but every year there seems to be one manufacturer who pushes the boundaries of taste. That got me to thinking what were the worst golf shirts that the pro’s have ever been seen out in?

Initially you've got to think about Ian Poulter. His fashion sense is a little out there but actually some of his gear is pretty good and I have to admit that I do own one of his shirts. OK it’s white and not too garish but perhaps some of us can get away with some of his attire. I suppose he is better known for his trousers which I definitely won’t be wearing in too much of a hurry! You have to have the game to back up a pair of trousers like these.
Rickie Fowler would probably be next on my list. His Bieber-esk hair cut is one thing and those hats are far too big, what’s that all about. But it’s those bright orange shirts on Sunday’s they are brutal on the eyes and far too orange for even the most diehard Oklahoma State University supporters. Ok at the Open this year they did brighten up the rainy final round and made a change from Clarke’s subdued colours but I can’t help thinking that if his eyes weren’t shut from the bright colour maybe he might be able to win on a Sunday!
These two guys are pretty current and are making a name for themselves off the course for their own unique fashion sense. Ok so fashion is by its nature subjective and I’m sure there are a few photos kicking about of me in some pretty dodgy 80’s shell suits, but I like to think my current taste in shirts is ok now. So how about going back a few years and checking out some shirts from a few years ago?

Woody Austin has been about for a while now winning rookie of the year back in 1995 and some of his shirts look like they need to stay back in the 90’s as well. Here’s a good one that showcases his great fashion sense!

Even some style icons (cough not!) can get it wrong check out Nick Faldo in his fashionable prime.
And who can forget the Americans in 1999 at Brookline where Tiger famously said that they had to burn their shirts afterwards because they were so ugly 

There are a couple of others such as Payne Stuart and Fred Couples who I could go on to mention but I can’t find any pictures of Fred from a few years back when he wore that one with the palm trees and beach scene on. (If anyone can find an image then let me know I can’t remember the event but boy can I remember that shirt!

And I guess I have to give a mention to good old John Daly. His new line of trousers and shirts from Loudmouth golf are pretty out there how about these ones which I know I don’t have a good enough golf game to wear! How about this pair from their latest range?

Well I suppose in the sense of fair play I should include a picture of me in a slightly questionable shirt? Here is me on a lads week away with a “team” shirt on it’s not that bad but perhaps in ten years’ time this Galvin Green top is going to look dated and I’m going to be the one cringing over my taste?

If you can think of any other terrible golf shirts give me a shout and I’ll try and post them up here.